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Classical MIDI Files

For all you MIDI fans, we've prepared MIDI files for some of our classical music selections. You can also hear these pieces in high-quality MP3 recordings. For many more classical music MIDI files, visit the Classical MIDI Archives.

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Two Part Inventions No. 2, No. 5, No. 6

Prelude in C from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I

Little Fugue in G Minor

Ludwig van Beethoven

Fur Elise

"Moonlight" Sonata, Movement 1, Movement 2

Charlie Chaplin

The Peace Patrol

Frederic Chopin

Prelude in E minor, Op. 28 No. 4

Prelude in C minor, Op. 28 No. 20

Francois Couperin

Les baricades misterieuses

George Frideric Handel

Air from Water Music

Franz Joseph Haydn

Sonata in C, No. 58, Rondo

Scott Joplin

The Entertainer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonata in A minor, KV 310, Movement 1

Sonata in C, KV 545, Movement 1, Movement 2, Movement 3

Johann Pachelbel

Canon and Gigue in D

Erik Satie

Gymnopedies No. 1, No. 2, No. 3

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